Structure of the enterprise and personnel policy

Important role in policy of the company is choice of the personnel. Specialists of Ltd. Eastecoil are highly skilled well educated talented persons, which ready to continuous improvement of their skills and knowledge.

There are following divisions in the company: design department, process department, department of installation and equipment service, commissioning crew, pilot tests cite, financial and economic division.

70% of employees graduated from universities and have higher education. More than a half of the personnel is young employees under 35 years. Company supports young specialists and is open for new ideas and non-standard solutions with application of advanced technologies.

Aspiration of employees to professional growth is actively supported at the enterprise, therefore each 2-3 years employees pass advanced training courses, visit professional seminars, courses, international conferences and exhibitions. Initiative of the employee is very appreciated in the company, ideas of improvement of performed work quality and responsible and conscious approach to its performance are strongly encouraged.

Ltd. Eastecoil closely cooperates with the Ufa State Petroleum Technological University, what allows hire young perspective specialists. Our company is in the USPTU list of the enterprises for production traineeship of students of the 4th and 5th years.

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